Why Should You Consider Dating Foreign Women?

In the United States, half of all marriages end up in divorce. Everywhere you look, there are broken relationships and shattered families. Romantics try to find true love but receive court settlements instead. While for those who yearn to settle down and start a family, they find it a daunting task to find that perfect partner in the U.S.A. Everybody’s moving on from something or someone. Nothing’s permanent in the land of the free. Yet everlasting love still exists. The land of opportunity may present scarce options for potential marriage partners at home, but in foreign countries, the opportunities for dating beautiful, sincere, marriage-minded women are thriving. Through international dating sites, bachelors are discovering love in unlikely places like Ukraine, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Philippines, and even China. More and more men are realizing that dating foreign women leads to better and lasting relationships.

Other Benefits of International Dating

Still have reservations about online dating? The International Dating Club has compiled this list of reasons why international living and dating foreign women can be a good option for you:

1. Improved Social Life via International Living

Communities abroad generally have a friendlier culture among foreigners. This is why international living is better for those who want to improve their social life because natural connections are made easily. In contrast to America, locals in some countries do make an effort to reach out, get to know and include foreigners. The social connections flow more easily and get stronger with each interaction which is a good foundation for our next point.

2. Foreign Singles Make Better Life Mates and Lovers

One’s dating life inevitably suffers in environments with distorted social scenes and cultures. People often go to international dating sites for a chance to meet and date foreign women – or even ANY women who are sincere.

America has a high number of uncommitted and unmarried male singles due to the dating scene imbalance which largely favors independent American woman. Many have attested that American women have high standards and are more into material wealth and looks than genuine love and affection.

Many, many foreign countries have women that are quite the opposite which is why dating foreign women is an attractive option for single males seeking a special woman for the rest of their life in marriage. International singles tend to be more passionate, feminine, approachable, genuine, and family-oriented, which is why they may tend to make the best wives, lovers, and mothers.

Dating international singles and living abroad can give single American men a higher chance of meeting quality women in foreign lands where there is an abundance of them. So instead of staying in America and remaining lonely and single, men should seriously consider dating foreign women by checking out some of our international dating sites. Ensure that the website is legit and make an informed decision by checking out the online dating sites reviews in our International Dating Club.

3. International Living for Better Piece of Mind

There is no doubt that those who live in a better social atmosphere have a greater piece of mind that is free from stress, anxiety, and judgement. Unlike foreign countries, America has one of the most toxic social cultures in the world, with one in two people having a risk of developing some form of mental disorder in their lifetime. The U.S.A. also has the highest number of antidepressant users. Foreign cultures are better compared to the one in America because it allows you to be free in being your authentic self without a mask that hinders genuine connections.

5. Living Internationally is More Affordable

If you’re a single man living in countries with high costs of living like the U.S., living in a foreign land is often much more affordable. The discrepancies in the wages earned and prices of products and services in the U.S. are due to inflation, which means that the cost of living there is high. There are many ways to live a nice and comfortable lifestyle while living abroad depending on your living standards, but it is definitely a step up from living unhealthy and alone in America.


Are you eager to start your experience of searching for your opportunities of dating foreign women for romance, love, and marriage? Start browsing through our international dating site reviews, then choose the best site for you. Welcome to our club — the International Dating Club!


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  1. Good international dating websites which I like and have written reviews are A Foreign Affair, Dream Connections, and Latin Affairs.

    There are more advantages for American men (like myself) dating or marrying foreign women than there are for American men who only date/marry local women.

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