How To Make a Long Distance Relationship Work


A lot of people think and say that long distance relationship is never going to work. Some may agree and others may not. Most people around you like family or friends may discourage you to take risks in this kind of dating for the reason that only few are lucky enough to survive.

However, what they fail to know is that most long distance couples are the sweetest ones. The extra distance between the two of them helps them become more expressive to one another. Why? It is because no matter how hard the situation is, they are still trying to make it work in order to keep their love alive and to keep the fire burning.

A long distance relationship only depends on how much the couple wants to make their relationship really work. Nobody says engaging in a long distance relationship is easy. It will never be because it will require hard work, efforts and sacrifices— lots of it. Only risk-takers and strong individuals can survive in this kind of dating. If you have been dating foreign women from online dating sites or just simply enjoying long distance relationship right now, this article will help you in keeping your love last.

There a lot of ways as to how you can make a long distance relationship work. Distance won’t matter. As long as both of you are on the same track, everything will go the way it should be. Trials will always be there and it takes determination and courage to overcome such.

In this age, technology has become everyone’s best friend. Hence, the most essential bridge in a relationship, communication, will never be a problem. Skyping, texting, chatting, and video calling are paving the way toward an excellent virtual world; thus, maintaining a long distance relationship is way easier than before.

All you have to consider in this kind of dating is to manage your schedules well— from your work, chores and ‘babe time’. You need to spend time with the woman you are dating but you must avoid excessive communication for some reasons. Being overly attached to your partner will make everything worse. The more you get too sticky with one another, the faster you will fall out of love. Don’t overdo it, just keep it simple and right.

Despite that, you must have an intrapersonal moment as well, or better known as ‘me time’. It doesn’t mean that when you are in a relationship, your entire world will revolve around your partner. That is not right. You have your own life too, so make the best out of it with your family and friends. To make your relationship work at a greater extent, give each other space at times.  However, do not forget to keep each other updated also. Inform your partner what you are going to do on a specific day. In doing so, your partner would feel cherished and important.

Both of you may also set goals together— goals that are realistic enough to improve your relationship. It may include what both of you want to achieve at the end of the day or simply your plans for the future. No couple stays far from each other for the rest of their lives; they get to settle down eventually. Might as well, make plans for the years ahead of you.

Another thing is, be positive always and believe in it. One of the ways to constantly have the love in your relationship is to stay positive and believe it will work. Also, keep injecting positive energy and thoughts into your relationship when you date foreign singles. Do not let negativity cloud your visions for love. Always remember that entertaining pessimism can ruin your most-treasured relationship.

The most salient thing in a long distance relationship is this: you must stay committed as much as possible, especially if your partner has trust issues. You must make her feel she can trust you by being consistent. If distance doesn’t permit you to be with each other for once, then try to do things that matter to her and can make her feel special. Be at your best to make the impossible become possible. Here’s the gist— stay in love even at your toughest time!


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