Ways on How To Save a Dying Long Distance Relationship


No relationship stays the same after a few years, especially if you are dating someone who’s miles away. Several long-distance couples start to experience boredom after spending a couple of years together; some even fail to survive the test of time. After dating for a few years, one may start to feel that the love has gone away and the sparks die on its own. It is normal in every relationship. Every couple experiences this stage in dating. Yet, that is not a strong ground to give up.

International dating requires a lot of hard work and effort. As time goes by, affection toward each other begins to fade and arguments begin to occur more often than usual. However, it depends on the couple whether they will try to revive their relationship or not. It may seem depressing at times due to the lack of physical intimacy; however, just bear in mind that everything will be worth it at the end of the day.

What many people tend to do whenever their relationship gets tough is that they throw it right away without the courage of fixing it. Consequently, regrets are made afterward. In order to avoid such to happen, here are some ways on how to save a dying relationship:

Talk and be honest with each other. In a smooth-sailing conversation, talk to one another and find out what went wrong. Look back at each other’s promises of love and find out what happened to them as well. During this, it’s best that both of you will be honest and truthful about your feelings and intentions. Ask questions if you must, but never let your anger do the talking in order to avoid hurting each other.

Take a break. Giving up is not and will never be an option. If you really want to save your relationship, ask for space but do not say goodbye to your lover. You can take all the time that you need to cool your mind and think of your sweet beginnings. You deserve it. You deserve to breathe once in a while but after the said remedy, go back to your partner and try to fix what both of you had lost in the long run.

Remember why you started loving that person. Think back of your happy memories together. Remember that you were once the happiest person on earth because of that certain person. Reminisce every important and memorable thing you’ve shared together. Then, think if you have the guts to throw all of those memories away.

Communicate with each other as much as possible. After you have spoken about the problems in your relationship, try to communicate with each other as much as possible. You may set a schedule when to have a chat. This is a good way to better save your relationship. Get in touch and have small talks to regain what you have lost.

Learn new strategies to improve your relationship. If you think your set-up is putting you in dull moments, learn new strategies to improve your relationship. Do not just stick on lying on the bed at Friday night with a gadget on your lap. You may go out once in a while and bring your partner with you (while in skype, facetime, etc.). With a phone in hand, you may show your lover what you are enjoying at the moment. For instance, you may take her on a mobile tour while you’re carving her name on the snow or maybe on the nearby beach’s sand.

Be romantic. Do not let the sun set without giving your lover honest compliments. Be it small or big, it greatly matters. You may comment something good about your lover’s looks or his/her simple accomplishments for the day. Given that both of you cannot be physically intimate as of the moment, try to be affectionate even in front of your computer. That alone will save your dying relationship.

Stay committed. To keep the pace, you must stay committed to your lover. Know the value of commitment to make your relationship work because that’s how it should be. In a relationship, you must stay committed and faithful for your lover to trust you. See it as an opportunity that will slip through your fingertips when you lose balance. Do not take your relationship for granted and learn to be contented.

If you are on the verge of giving up in an international dating, think a million times if it’s worth it. When you come to realize that it’s not, try saving what you’ve lost with these given tips. Do not let your future plans be gone forever. Work your relationship out and make those plans turn into reality.

How To Make a Long Distance Relationship Work


A lot of people think and say that long distance relationship is never going to work. Some may agree and others may not. Most people around you like family or friends may discourage you to take risks in this kind of dating for the reason that only few are lucky enough to survive.

However, what they fail to know is that most long distance couples are the sweetest ones. The extra distance between the two of them helps them become more expressive to one another. Why? It is because no matter how hard the situation is, they are still trying to make it work in order to keep their love alive and to keep the fire burning.

A long distance relationship only depends on how much the couple wants to make their relationship really work. Nobody says engaging in a long distance relationship is easy. It will never be because it will require hard work, efforts and sacrifices— lots of it. Only risk-takers and strong individuals can survive in this kind of dating. If you have been dating foreign women from online dating sites or just simply enjoying long distance relationship right now, this article will help you in keeping your love last.

There a lot of ways as to how you can make a long distance relationship work. Distance won’t matter. As long as both of you are on the same track, everything will go the way it should be. Trials will always be there and it takes determination and courage to overcome such.

In this age, technology has become everyone’s best friend. Hence, the most essential bridge in a relationship, communication, will never be a problem. Skyping, texting, chatting, and video calling are paving the way toward an excellent virtual world; thus, maintaining a long distance relationship is way easier than before.

All you have to consider in this kind of dating is to manage your schedules well— from your work, chores and ‘babe time’. You need to spend time with the woman you are dating but you must avoid excessive communication for some reasons. Being overly attached to your partner will make everything worse. The more you get too sticky with one another, the faster you will fall out of love. Don’t overdo it, just keep it simple and right.

Despite that, you must have an intrapersonal moment as well, or better known as ‘me time’. It doesn’t mean that when you are in a relationship, your entire world will revolve around your partner. That is not right. You have your own life too, so make the best out of it with your family and friends. To make your relationship work at a greater extent, give each other space at times.  However, do not forget to keep each other updated also. Inform your partner what you are going to do on a specific day. In doing so, your partner would feel cherished and important.

Both of you may also set goals together— goals that are realistic enough to improve your relationship. It may include what both of you want to achieve at the end of the day or simply your plans for the future. No couple stays far from each other for the rest of their lives; they get to settle down eventually. Might as well, make plans for the years ahead of you.

Another thing is, be positive always and believe in it. One of the ways to constantly have the love in your relationship is to stay positive and believe it will work. Also, keep injecting positive energy and thoughts into your relationship when you date foreign singles. Do not let negativity cloud your visions for love. Always remember that entertaining pessimism can ruin your most-treasured relationship.

The most salient thing in a long distance relationship is this: you must stay committed as much as possible, especially if your partner has trust issues. You must make her feel she can trust you by being consistent. If distance doesn’t permit you to be with each other for once, then try to do things that matter to her and can make her feel special. Be at your best to make the impossible become possible. Here’s the gist— stay in love even at your toughest time!

Top 5 Reasons Why Dating a Filipina is Worthwhile

Philippines. What comes in your mind when you hear such country name? Beautiful beaches? Majestic mountains? Big forests? Large buildings? Good food? Welcoming people? All of these greatly encapsulate the kind of pride that this Asian country upholds. Known to be the “Pearl of the Orient Seas”, Philippines is more than what you think it is. This stunning country houses some of the great wonders of the world. Moreover, the said country is known for raising the real Gems of the Orient –  Filipino women. Why are they considered as treasures? Is there really something special about them?


Filipinas or Philippine women are considered to be among the most beautiful personalities in Asia, or even in the whole world. Their beauty truly stands out among the rest, thus making names in the international stage. An example of this is through winning various awards in beauty pageants. However, there are a lot of things and attributes that go beyond that gorgeous image. For your convenience, here are the top 5 reasons why dating or getting acquainted with a Filipina is is indeed worthwhile.

Religious. Philippines’ dominant religion is Catholicism. During the Spanish regime, Catholicism was introduced to the Filipinos. Today, this religion is practiced nationwide— one of the glaring proofs of its influence to the many lives of millions of Filipino people. During Sundays, as expected, the number of women attending masses is much higher than that of men. This religion encourages men and women to be worthy individuals and act out the values being taught to them. Having a religious and faithful partner means having a joyful and serene atmosphere in your home. And this is what these Filipinas are highly-known for. They can enlighten someone else’s life through applying the principles they have learned from the church and from their faith and devotion to the Divine Providence.

Hospitable. Filipinos are known to be the most welcoming individuals in Asia. This is what they are noted for. Being hospitable is nothing new to them anymore. For foreigners who have already visited the country, they are impressed with how these people have welcomed other races wholeheartedly. They always make sure that even your short visit in the country will be made memorable; this is manifested through satisfying your appetite with good food and by giving you the best accommodation.

Committed. One of the best traits a Filipina can give you is being committed to you and to your endeavors. They devote themselves to you by showing their full support and love on whatever you want in life. They can love you unconditionally and selflessly. They are dedicated and can be reliable anytime. All you need to do is to love whoever she is. Show her how much you care and for sure, she will reciprocate your efforts.


Family Oriented. For most Filipina women, family is the center of their lives. They treasure their families, making sure that love and respect are sufficiently showered inside their homes. They tend to make their families as their top priority. This is where you should take advantage on. Having a Filipina wife is like looking forward for a happy and fully-contented life. They can make your solitary life colorful and lively. You will have a home with clear organization and proper understanding between family members. If an ideal family setting is what you are looking for, then choosing to date a Filipina is worth the risk.

Marriage-minded. Marriage is a sanctified union from up above. For someone who is religious, this is an important aspect of their lives they need to experience until death. Filipinos believed that marriage should be taken seriously. This is why they have this so-called “Pamamanhikan” to plan out the details of their weddings and marriage in general. This resulted to a serious Filipino culture or tradition that everyone should follow. Having someone in your life who is marriage-minded is already a gift you should handle with care. Being marriage-minded means giving enough importance to a sacred union, and that is where Philippine women are proud of.


Consider all the given reasons why choosing to date a Filipina is not a waste of your time. Study these out and you’ll be grateful for sure. Maybe days from now, you’ll get to meet a Filipina. Or maybe months from now, you’ll get to tie the knot with her.


Reasons Why You Should Date Younger Women

It’s not a largely kept secret that couples who are aged farther apart are normally viewed by society through condemnatory eyes. For most old-fashioned folks, seeing an individual dating a much younger or older partner usually brings about the mentality that one of them is simply doing so for financial stability. Due to the stigma that surrounds these types of relationships, people often feel discouraged from even considering the idea.

However, what most people do not realize, is that judging how others choose to live their lives will only serve to create limitations upon themselves; particularly in terms of dating and romance. The concept of dating someone who is much older or younger than you might seem unnatural at first, but it actually brings about numerous advantages. In line with this, discussed below are the reasons why you should date younger women.


Younger women tend to exude a more vibrant glow that goes along with youthful age. While most men are hesitant to admit it, they care about how their partner looks and whether she is taking care of herself, or not. When you date a younger woman, you can expect her to take great measures in maintaining her physical appearance. This means she will exercise regularly, have a healthy diet, and will engage in daily routines to keep her skin glowing and body physically fit. Chemistry plays an essential role in intimacy and that element cannot exist without feeling attraction for your partner on some level.

Furthermore, younger ladies are more biologically capable of having children too. As women get older, pregnancy becomes a more difficult feat. This can prove to be a major problem for some couples, especially those that met or married at an older age and have plans on starting a family together. When you get together with younger ladies for marriage however, you will find that realizing your dream of becoming a father and raising your own children will not be an issue.

Not just that, you can expect a major lifestyle change to occur as well. It comes as no surprise that younger ladies lead more active and fast-paced lifestyles, which includes setting aside time to spend at home, accommodating busy work schedules, and still finding time to socialize and meet up with friends and family members. When the two of you begin dating, she will want you to be involved in her life as much as possible, which means you might have to make some adjustments to the pace which you have set your life’s course at too.


A problem that some men have with an older partner is that they tend to be set in their ways and because of this, it becomes harder for them to make adjustments and change certain attitudes for the sake of their relationship. On the other hand, younger women are more easygoing by nature and by having a sense of open-mindedness, it makes it easier for the couple to come up with a compromise for any issues that may be troubling the relationship. This paves the way for open and honest communication between the two partners romantically involved.

Moreover, young women love to have fun and are adventurous, with a curiosity that has not been satisfied with old age. They are willing to go on fun trips to places they’ve never been before and are more than happy to visit your parents at their lake house or take turns steering the car on a twelve-hour road trip to a family reunion. When dating them, there will never be a dull moment shared between you two.

On the other hand, being younger also means that they look up to you and have respect for your ideas and opinions. She will value your ideas and will listen attentively to any thoughts you would like to share with her. By expressing this level of respect in various ways, it shows that she gives importance to your words, rather than just hearing them and allowing them to pass through the other ear while you talk.


Being with a much younger woman definitely has its perks. Despite the numerous misconceptions that people have about this type of relationship, it becomes most apparent that knowing about it as opposed to experiencing what it’s actually like are two separate things. If this has piqued your interest, you will be glad to know that there are numerous matchmaker companies and services that can help in realizing your dream of settling down with your soulmate.

5 Signs That You’re Ready To See Each Other In Person


Online dating has proven to be an accessible bridge for people to meet their soulmates. Though it may be completely different compared to dating in real life, it still has its quirks. Being so accustomed with chatting and video calling, meeting in person for the first time can prove to be nerve-wrecking. It’s obvious as to why couples who date and meet online would find it difficult to finally see each other face to face. Before you pop the big question and book the next ticket to see her, here are 5 signs to know if you’re ready to see each other in person.

1. You’ve established trust

One important aspect in committing to an online relationship is to establish trust. Without building trust with one another, seeing each other in person can have a lot of problems.  Before heading to the airport to meet your potential soulmate, it’s always a good idea to get to know her personality and what type of person she is online before meeting face to face. If you feel as though the two of you have a great amount of trust with each other, it’s probably time to set a date to finally meet up.

2. Open-minded toward her culture

Before stepping foot into her country or homeland, it’s always ideal for any type of person to embrace and understand another culture than your own. It’s disrespectful to express your dislikes when being with her in person in her hometown. Make sure you do a little research about her culture, including the do’s and don’ts in order to avoid offending her when having a casual conversation face to face.

3. The timing is right

One important sign that it’s time to see her is to know whether the timing is right for the both of you. If you happen to have things at home going smoothly such as your job or at whatsoever, you can safely book a ticket without having to worry on leaving your house. Also, make sure that everything is alright on her side. You wouldn’t want to make her change some plans or intrude with any special occasion on the way with your visit. Make sure the date of your visit wouldn’t affect any important schedules on your part as well as hers.


4. You’re both comfortable

It’s a common sense to want to meet in person when the two of you have that sense of comfort with one another. You neither want to have an awkward first encounter with her nor want her to freak out when you finally get to see her face to face. It’s ideal to build that sense of comfort in your relationship so that things would go smoothly when arriving to see her.

5. Thought about all the possible outcome

Lastly, an important sign to know if you’re ready to see her is to imagine and prepare for any possible outcome. You have to think of a plan B to be safe, and plan C wouldn’t hurt. Plan steps ahead before making a decision when it comes to your relationship. Don’t just rush yourself to see your online partner when she gives the go signal. You have to think to yourself if there is anything that could happen during your visit and you have to be prepared for it.

Examples of these are your budget and luggage. Prepare your pocket money wisely in case of emergencies and carefully pack your essentials in case you both decide to take a trip somewhere that requires a swimsuit, formal attire or any type of outfit in particular.

Try to understand your partner so they may understand you as well in their own way. Finally meeting your online partner? Share with us your experience in the comments below, and while you’re at it, take a look at our other International Dating advice articles.




8 Important Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships are Worth It

It’s an open secret that long distance relationships are not easy. In fact, it’s no secret at all how hard it is when you are away from the person you love. Many online dating sites reviews have spoke about this truth.

The nights in your bed are lonelier, the dates are always in front of a screen, and the anniversaries are always separated apart. You’ll have to face dark days with no one’s arms comforting you, sleep on your bed with the cold sheets cuddling your body, and be satisfied with hearing their voice in phone calls. It’s a tough feat but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the fight.

There are multitudes of reasons why you shouldn’t give up on your international long distance relationship. Don’t start letting go just now because you feel like it’s not getting easier each day. Take a look at these reasons and you may just consider holding on to that hope that your relationship will work out just fine.


You are Never Alone

With your partner away from you, it becomes really easy for your head to play tricks. You would feel like you’re on your own with no one to count on. The reality is, even if you are physically alone by yourself, you’re still not truly alone. You still have your partner on your side, but you’re just physically away. When you feel down and depressed, remember that you always have your partner whom you can text, chat, or call.

Time Together is More Meaningful

One of the lessons that dating foreign women teaches you is to appreciate any time spent together. It’s not everyday that you get to have the chance to be with your significant other. While others waste their time when they’re together with their partner, you on the other end, ought to give every moment a reason to be memorable. You have to understand that time is not a luxury to waste away but rather a necessity to cherish.

Loyalty and Trust is Everything

You and your partner should have unwavering trust toward each other. You ought to put faith into both your unknown fates and hope that things will turn out alright in the end. You must commit yourselves to something that defies distance and time. The weight of trust being put on you plus the loyalty and dedication invested in your love for each other speak loads when it comes to the worthiness of your relationship. It goes to show that what you have is not like any other relationship that you can see from others.

Less Petty Fights

Another upside of being away from your loved one is that you fight less than when you are together. When you and your partner are away from each other, the petty arguments are set aside and you end up only arguing about the most important things alone. You both don’t have to worry about who’s loading the dishwasher or who’s feeding the dog. Your situation with your partner will help you develop a mature mind that doesn’t overthink the little things but instead focuses on the better side of the scenario.

Communication is not Neglected

The problem when you see the person you are dating in daily basis is that you immediately think that you are already communicating enough. But just because they’re there with you doesn’t automatically guarantee that you are actually communicating. Many couples out there go out on dates yet spend their time on their mobile devices. The difference with your case is that you actually take the time to lend an ear to your partner because you actually want to hear what they have to say.

You Learn to Love Yourself

Most often than not, people in a relationship lose themselves in the relationship itself. They tend to forget who they are, what they want, and everything that builds up their persona. However, when dating international singles, you learn to appreciate yourself and the differences you have with your other half. You get to see the best traits about yourself while seeing the best thing about your partner as well.

Sacrifices and Compromises are Appreciated

Just like how you appreciate every single moment you have with them, you also are gratified whenever they choose to sacrifice something for you and vice versa. Right from the moment that you both decide to work out a relationship after meeting each other in international dating sites, you already commit yourselves to a life full of compromise. The balance between yours and their efforts makes you feel like you are put in a pedestal where you actually matter; a place where you feel loved and wanted.


Time Together is More Meaningful

One of the lessons that dating foreign women teaches you is to appreciate any time spent together. It’s not everyday that you get to have the chance to be with your significant other. While others waste their time when they’re together with their partner, you on the other end, ought to give every moment a reason to be memorable. You have to understand that time is not a luxury to waste away but rather a necessity to cherish.

Loyalty and Trust is Everything

You and your partner should have unwavering trust toward each other. You ought to put faith into both your unknown fates and hope that things will turn out alright in the end. You must commit yourselves to something that defies distance and time. The weight of trust being put on you plus the loyalty and dedication invested in your love for each other speak loads when it comes to the worthiness of your relationship. It goes to show that what you have is not like any other relationship that you can see from others.

Less Petty Fights

Another upside of being away from your loved one is that you fight less than when you are together. When you and your partner are away from each other, the petty arguments are set aside and you end up only arguing about the most important things alone. You both don’t have to worry about who’s loading the dishwasher or who’s feeding the dog. Your situation with your partner will help you develop a mature mind that doesn’t overthink the little things but instead focuses on the better side of the scenario.


The Love From  Your Partner

Perhaps the most important reason why your international long distance is worth is because of your partner. They are the most significant reason why you should keep fighting for what you have. Because their love for you exist, you have something big and positive to keep you going in whatever battle in life you are going through.

While it’s true that dating foreign women is not a walk in the park, the love they have for you still outweighs every challenge. You choose to love them before as they have chosen you too. Make that the topmost reason to keep fighting for what you have. In the end, you and your partner are what makes this whole long distance relationship worth everything in this world.

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Common Family Encounters When Dating A Foreigner

For some reason, people get really excited when they find out their friend or family member is dating a foreigner. Everything just becomes more interesting when one of the couple comes from another part of the world. There are things people will encounter, when dating a foreigner, which they will not encounter when dating people from their local community.


Dating foreign women and men is unconventional in countries which are not as culturally diverse as the United States. And even in the most culturally-diverse places such as the States, some people who date foreigners would still turn the heads of some locals.

Here are some of the things a person would commonly encounter with his or her family when dating a foreigner:

  • They make a big deal out of their accent

Especially if you are dating someone from the United Kingdom who speaks in British accent, you might as well expect people within your family or local community to be amazed at how they sound when they speak English. Some people tend to make a big deal out of foreigners’ accents; however, these are mostly positive in nature. People get enamored when something unusual or new comes into their way such as a foreigner’s accent.

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  • They try to learn their language

It’s also very common for family members to establish rapport with a foreigner through asking them about their language. Oftentimes, family members would ask for translations or basic words and phrases which they will use from time to time. In turn, family members would also teach foreigners their local language. It would be an exchange of knowledge.

  • They compare countries

Comparing countries is also something you should expect. Oftentimes, your foreign partner and your family members might just end up talking about the similarities and differences between your country and your partner’s. Again, this is a great way to establish rapport and to get to know one another more.

  • They give side comments

Oftentimes, some family members would give side comments about the relationship especially when they find out that the two met in international dating sites. They usually focus on the stereotypes and misconceptions of these modern methods of dating.

Online dating sites might not have the best reputation but they have, indeed, helped millions of couples find their true love who ended up to be in the opposite side of the world. Hence, snarky side comments even when they come from family are those that should be ignored since usually these are just initial reactions. Usually, their minds change once they get to know the foreign partner better.

  • You will turn heads in the family and neighborhood

For people who come from a country or a race that prefers to be homogeneous, dating a foreigner would definitely turn heads within the family and within the neighborhood. It will be common for people to look at you especially if both of you are an unusual sight such as when you date a foreigner who people in your race rarely goes on a date with.



Why International Travel as a Couple is Good for Your Relationship

Who doesn’t like travel? I mean, imagine it, taking the opportunity to discover new cultures, try new kinds of cuisine, and expose yourself to a completely new world. And what better way to experience all this with the love of your life by your side?

The thing about travel, especially international travel, is that it tends to bring out the best and the worst in a person. Because of this, some people recommending international travel or even a long road trip together, as this is a good way to find out aspects of each other that you’re not likely to discover in a typical environment.

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